Lazy List Sunday: 7 Ways To Save The Mass Effect Series

The original Mass Effect trilogy is beloved for good reasons. Between a pioneering system of certain choices effecting later games’ story arcs to the engaging narrative being told, Bioware changed the space-opera world forever.

Due to that, most sane folk realized that the video gaming company was going to have its hands full in a world without Commander Sheppard. Couple that with the massive — and incredibly well-documented — disappointment that was the end of the final entry of the original trilogy, and a combination of bitter fans and unrealistic expectations put Bioware in an unforgiving place.

Then came Mass Effect Andromeda. A game set in the Mass Effect universe, but 600-ish years between the original game’s ending in a galaxy not called the Milky Way. (Not so much a spoiler… it takes place in Andromeda)

The build to the game was rather impressive. Combat seemed to be dramatically improved, promises of an improved dialogue/character development system were often whispered about, and a free-thinking species had yet to witness the facial glitches that awaited on Andromeda’s day-one launch.

Unfortunately for nearly everyone, the launch did happen. A place in space and time when Mass Effect die-hard fans witnessed large portions of their souls attempt to escape their bodies.

Don’t believe me? The game’s launch-day was so poor that actual in-game character Foster Addison appeared to have her own soul escape from her body.

Demon spawn inside her.

Or whatever the hell was going on with the default Sara Ryder:

She looks so sad and confused.

What is unfortunate about the entire Andromeda ordeal is that the animation glitches were eventually {cough}fixed, but the fundamental issues were not. Consumers were still left with an iffy story, mostly unlikable characters, a codex and weapon building system that were stripped down versions of their predecessors, and a hole in our otherwise cold hearts.

In an attempt to turn that frown upside down, however, let’s take a gander at a few ways Bioware can save the Mass Effect franchise.

Centralize The Main Story (->)

One thought on “Lazy List Sunday: 7 Ways To Save The Mass Effect Series

  1. Good post. Andromeda definitely has its flaws, but it isn’t a terrible game. I have enough faith in BioWare that they can bring the Mass Effect series back to its former greatness.

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