Drafting College Basketball Coaches

This is the… offseason!

There’s some good that comes with this. Creative ideas get a little more leeway with the bosses. Pitched stories that once had no legs behind the scenes are now considered the holy grail of content. Plus, no more discussing backup point guards on below-500 teams from the MAAC!

Unfortunately, there’s a little bit of bad as well. Sometimes a person has to scourge the worldwide internet for original ideas, then come to the realization that s/he isn’t as creative as once believed to be.

Basically, this troubled — yet still handsome — Internet Scribbler is the worst.

Here are the rules I used while drafting college coaches to potentially new programs: I factored in age, fit with both market and fan base, demeanor, and only sort of relied on the idea of any specific coach’s ties to the local community. That last one, had we made it very important, would have resulted in nearly every coach staying exactly where they are.

Like an iffy Michael Bay movie, a suspension of belief will be needed.

Also, since it is only April, we are going to use Jon Rothstein’s latest “too early” top 25 as our guide. Another quick thing worth noting: This isn’t a ranking of the best 25 coaches in order. This is as much about entertainment as it is about placing coaches in great spots.

With all that being said, some last final words — caveat, preface, you’re favorite coach/school is awesome, caveat, preface, and nuanced context. Let’s go!

1. Louisville

Current coach: Rick Pitino – New coach: Chris Holtmann

Let’s acknowledge this past season’s biggest dirty little secret; Butler didn’t have a great roster, yet the Bulldogs were a good team. A lion’s share of the credit goes to Holtmann for that.

Louisville has been riddled in one form of scandal or another for several years, but it remains a good job. Holtmann is a combination of a great in-game coach, good enough recruiter and overseer of potential NCAA infractions that he should fit in swimmingly.

He’s also only 45-years-old.

2. Michigan State

Current coach: Tom Izzo – New coach: Buzz Williams

As it is with many of these programs, it is going to be hard to imagine them moving forward with anyone but the current head coach. But that’s no fun.

Williams is a young whippersnapper.

He’s had success with Marquette and now with the Hokies. While everyone is still trying to figure out why in the hell he left the Golden Eagles for Virginia Tech, he’s shown an ability to win regardless where he goes.

It also helps that he can win with a little, or some, or a lot — something that can make him a Tom Izzo-lite type of coach.

3. Duke

Current coach: Coach K – New coach: John Calipari

This is my list, I like anarchy, and this is 100 percent about me wanting to see Duke fans rationalize their hypocrisies.

H/T @MrsTylerKSR

It certainly helps that Cal is a very good coach. Still, make no bones about it, this is most certainly about witnessing the fallout.

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