What Had Happened Was Random Ramblings

What had happened is that it is Sunday, I am tired, and the world is evolving at a pace that is impossible to keep up with.

Everything said in the above sentence is entirely true, but I was just looking for a random rambling sentence so I didn’t open a nonsensical post with a subheader as the lede.

  1. Using an event as evidence that it somehow justifies your belief system is weird if the proof doesn’t support it.
  2. If unicorns were real, would we slaughter a large portion of the population to make fancy hamburgers?
  3. Whatever happened to Dane Cook?
  4. Milkshakes are wildly underrated.

Having not looked this up to see if actually factual:

Did you know that a cockroach could live two weeks with its head severed? It then only dies from starvation!

Secondary mention/caveat/preface/note: Again, no idea if that is true.

But if it is… man!

I fell into a random Jim Carroll wormhole on Sunday morning. It took me several years to realize the author, poetry writer, spoken word artist and musician were the same person. When I discovered some of his work, that was back in the mid-1990s, so I blame the world for being a much larger place back then.

Anyway, not much to Internet Scribble about as of this moment. With that in mind, and way off my own brand, let us plug some work that isn’t related to spots, or this here blog, or the television show Lost.

These words you see in front of you are scribbled by a man who writes fiction from time to time.

You can find (most of) my fiction work at this here link-a-mcthing I am leaving right…


If you like serial killers or space-operas or random ramblings of too much dialogue and too many monologues, I am  your guy!

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